A neon halo light half way up a column statue in London


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Digital accompaniments to a physical artwork exploring the runaway effects of climate change.

We created a website for curated User Generated Content, a mobile web app for visitors to the physical artwork in London, and an online data toy for global engagement.

Arts Admin and LIFT commissioned artist Michael Pinksy to create Plungle – a physical artwork for London. Four monuments in the centre of the Capital were adorned with blue LED halos to show the possible water levels of the city in a thousand years’ time.

Plunge video by ArtsAdmin.

We designed and built a website all about the project, that also included a prominent section for User Generated Content. As part of the artwork, educational and artistic institutions engaged new audiences with the subject of climate change, and shared their artistic responses here.

For the physical artwork itself, we created a lightweight location-aware mobile web app for iPhone/Android to tell the story of the artwork, the artist and the sponsors, as well as provide a map to guide users to and from each adorned monument.

The third part of this suite of digital accompaniments is the Plunger. We wanted to tell the story of the artwork to a global audience in the context of their own surroundings. We created our own dataset made from the most dramatic and pessimistic water level rise estimates, then cross referenced that with the Google Maps API. Users enter their location, which then appears on the momentument according to its height above sea level. Nearby locations add extra context, as well as Megacities of the world for impact. The user then uses the 1000 year slider to watch water levels rise and see when (if ever) their location might be threatened by rising sea levels.

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