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Concept Art

Early concepts for something new but hush hush…

We are working on a new project. We can’t talk about it but we are sharing some early concepts for you to look at and wonder what it might be. Early concept art for a new game

Tribal loading screen

On the final war path with Tribal

So finally we near the completion of development for our Tribal game as part of the Magellan game platform. It has been a long and complex process and many of our initial concepts have been modified in order to adapt to the changing requirements of the platform. The most challenging part of the development has…

Demo of game showing intro screen

On Location in Europe

Recoiling from the the startling news of yesterday’s vote here in the UK , I find myself looking at the post, as I was scheduled to write it, in a different light. We are well into the third year of the Magellan project. Mudlark is a member of a thirteen- partner European research consortium that…


Thoughts on an innovative location based game engine

We have been working on a European project called Magellan for the last 2 years. The aim being to design a new platform to build computer games that take place in real world situations. The platform is being designed to accommodate linked technologies like VR, Augmented reality, iBeacons and indoor location systems. We as Mudlark…


Playful on Video

Annie Machon speaking at Playful 2014 Mudlark’s New Year begins with something from the previous one: we are launching the videos from Playful 2014. The first three are available on our Vimeo channel today and we will feed you the rest over the next week or so. Looking at the event through these particular lenses,…

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People we have worked with

BBC Channel 4 Games for Change Ogilvy Royal Shakespeare Company