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Opening up East Midlands datasets and using them online.

This Arts Council funded research project was about exploring Open Data in the East Midlands, how to make it available and what artists and web developers could do with it.

We spent months researching Open Data in the the East Midlands, which led to some successes and many disappointments, when comparing engagement on this subject to cities such as Manchester and Bristol.

Changing tact, we tried to get our hands on any dataset we could. The aim was to see what format this dataset was in, and what could be done with it in a short space of time to make it more valuable.

The only dataset we could get permission to use was an anonymised list of all artists in the county of Derbyshire who are registered with the Arts Derbyshire organisation.

We created an attractive and interactive map of these artists, which users can use to:

  • Find other artists in their area
  • See where concentrations of artists are
  • Find places where other like minded people are
  • Find their nearest artist

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