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Raising the profile of women speakers in the technology and the creative industries.

Frustrated by male-dominated conference line-ups, Mudlark and Caper joined together to create a new directory, with the support of event organisers, to encourage gender diversity at events.

In the past, Playful has struggled to make the line-up more than 25% women. This is a hugely common issue, and something that the majority of conferences fall down badly on. Various reasons are often cited for this: not asking enough women, not trying hard enough, not making it as appealing, not being as accommodating, not knowing enough women, perceived tokenism etc.

After Playful 2011, we realised we had a failing in our approach, so decided to do something about it. That was in the form of an open Google Doc calling for women to put themselves forward as a speaker. It isn’t just for Playful, but to address the issue in general.

That quick solution turned into Articulate, a proper project with Caper, aiming at redressing this imbalance across all creative and technology conferences.

The Articulate website was created in one day to capitalise on the groundswell of support during the annual Ada Lovelace Day activities. We wanted to create something that was bold, direct, easy to understand and called for people to do something about the issue. It was important to address the key points quickly, so we whipped together a single page site with anchors and broke each section down into clear colours for ease of navigation.

By developing mobile first and designing responsively, it means that any user can quickly get to the information that is relevant for them.


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