This week the Derby Mill will be pretty quiet. Greg, Richard and Toby are off to Amsterdam for the Picnic Festival. It’s the first time we’re going to the festival and we’re all pretty excited.

Toby is doing a talk on Chromaroma and a look at designing interactions across a city, as well as talking with Ben Hammersley and others on an urban futures panel.

As the 8th Season of Chromaroma kicks off, it is interesting to look back and see what is working well in the game, and what could we have focused on closer or done differently.

Greg and Richard will be propping up a table in the Marketplace, where they’ll be talking about what we do here at Mudlark including Such Tweet Sorrow, Chromaroma (again), Derby2061, Civic Dashboard and more. So come and say “Ayup” if you’re there, but don’t push them too hard as they’ll have been awake for eight hours by the time they get there in the morning.

We’ll be posting photos to Flickr, as well as tweeting as we experience the festival.

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