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WEND - From Middle English wenden, from Old English wendan (“to turn, direct, wend one's way, go, return, change, alter, vary, restore, happen, convert, translate”)

Having completed the Beta testing of our unique Chromaroma game, we’ve started work on its successor, Wend.

The company has won Stage One funding from the new EU Horizon 2020 SME Instrument Fund to develop Wend, a mobile application that intelligently understands user movement patterns, not just in terms of location and speed but also transport mode. Utilising smart-phone sensors, GPS mapping and game mechanics, it will give the user the vectored detail of their daily travels.

As an expansive, immersive game – built on simple but invisible data – Chromaroma created a new paradigm for user interface design.

By taking this gamification concept literally off the rails – onto mobile devices and beyond just Transport for London’s infrastructure – Wend targets a far wider market, in the EU and across the world. Innovative mobile software will go “beyond the screen” to connect movement-sensing to transport intelligence. An engaging user interface will visualise walking, cycling, bus, train and metro as new types of interaction. Wend will then incorporate the different data elements and patterns around journey, mode, modal shift and behavioural change, giving users new insight into their travel patterns and incentivising more efficient and more ecological travel.

Mudlark believes Wend will offer a high-profile but low-risk opportunity for both networks and transport brands to gain profile and influence in the individual travel choices of travellers. Early prototypes will be tested in 2015. Wend can advance our work in this space and solve pressing problems for urban and transport authorities, for transport networks, and, of course, for the end users.

Early stage UI experiments

Early stage UI experiments

We are building a compelling experience of a user’s transport behaviour with ongoing game play feedback -  so the action of daily movement re-enforces outcomes in the game, compelling the user to make more or different choices in their travel activity to influence factors in the game experience. We want to create for the user a sense that accumulated and sustained play/travel results in exciting, intrinsic rewards. People want to be entertained and to share that entertainment with others. They want to compete and to be enchanted with what they see and hear in a digital experience. They want the sense of magic that comes from the way technology can change a perspective on something in a radical way, in a way that feels seamless and obvious at the same time.




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