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Where Perceptive Media meets the Internet of Things.

The design challenge was to demonstrate how a networked object could deliver tailored media experiences that are sympathetic to domestic environments, without being disruptive or jarring.

BBC R&D created Breaking Out, an experiment in new editorial formats that used data to personalise and contextualise narrative content to the listener. The possibilities of networked things and Perceptive Media are vast, opening up content to be ‘remixed’ live or contextualised for an audiences’ environment and context.

We were briefed to create a domestic radio-style object that would playback the radioplay and pull in data to adapt it to the user’s context. This would enable audiences to act naturally around the radioplay content, and for BBC R&D to understand more about Perceptive Media and audience behaviour.

Influenced by networked objects that fit seamlessly into the domestic environment and serve a natural function – such as Voy’s UgleRussell’s Bikemap, the Good Night Lamp and Skrekkøgle’s own radio object, Plugg - we wanted to ensure that the object was a part of the home, not an intervention. The Perceptive Radio is a behaviourally-driven design.

To do this, we spent time role-playing, listening to the radio, and documenting how we behaved around it — as well as what else was going on around the home — before agreeing key design rules and user scenarios to design for.

Working with MCQN and Def-Proc in Liverpool, we created a domestic-style radio object that analysed and processed local data — using analogue electronics and sensors – in addition to the web-based data already being collected.

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