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Playguide is a way for grown-ups to understand how children use CBeebies, and help them tailor a child's development.

A pilot product developed for CBeebies via BBC Connected, it enables parents to learn about their child's use of CBeebies and what that means in terms of skills, development, and fun.

Key features are:

  • Informing Grown-ups of the educational qualities of CBeebies’ game content
  • Allowing Grown-ups to influence the ‘Onward Journey’ by remotely selecting the next content
  • Allowing Grown-ups to create a queue of content, to guide their child’s CBeebies experience
  • Surfacing different content based on child’s CBeebies activity
  • Providing real-time feedback on child’s CBeebies activity

By feeding back a child’s activity to a grown-up in real-time, Playguide provides a simple, clear and understandable summary of something that can seem very daunting (not to mention exhausting). From this the parent is given a way of guiding the child’s activity, shaping the experience without dictating it. It provides the opportunity to create queues of content based upon likes, loves and development aims.

Co-created with Dean Vipond & Tom Morgan (as a result of some Connected Studios match-making).

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