Half the Sky

Half the Sky

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Social impact mobile games.

Three J2ME games for target audiences in India and Africa on non-smart, low-end, widely-available mobile handsets blending social impact content with compelling gameplay.

Mudlark designed and developed three social impact games for the Half the Sky project: Worm Attack, 9 Minutes and Family Choices.

Half the Sky started as a book by two New York Times journalists reporting on and campaigning to improve the status of and opportunities for women and girls in the developing world — out of that grew a cross-platform campaign launched in 2012. This featured a TV series on PBS, websites, video modules, a Facebook game and Mudlark’s mobile games.

A film about the development of Half the Sky.

These were devised by game designers, Matt Watkins and Tom Scutt, to work on this relatively basic platform and blend social impact content with compelling gameplay. Worm Attack informs about intestinal worms in a plate-spinning tower defence format. 9 Minutes leads you through the 9 months of pregnancy with nine levels that reward good pre-natal choices in a twitch game. Family Choices is an episodic branching comic-book story where winning families keep their daughter in the education system, out of early marriage and, later, practising sensible family planning. Developer team led by Jonathan Brown, ported to two different resolutions and in 4 different language versions. Steve May’s art was adapted for India and Africa.

Here are some videos highlighting the gameplay in each game.

Worm Attack

9 Minutes

Family Choices

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