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Searchable visualisition of a residents' contacts with their council.

A live website that simply takes most of the data created when any resident of Birmingham contacts the council, locates it in time and space and every 24 hours you get a new, searchable snapshot of the city.

The Dashboard shows the requests for service that members of the public make to the council. Every day, the site picks up live data from the city’s Customer First contact database and displays it so that the council and residents can identify ‘hotspot’ areas where issues are common or recurring. In turn, residents can comment on the trends that emerge over time. The data is displayed on a map, and on various other graphs and charts.

The data is also available for others to download and reuse as they see fit. We believe that a smart city in the future will not only provide applications based on its data but will encourage others to do so too. To enable this, the data is offered in two formats. One is csv – a format you can open up in a spreadsheet application – aimed at people who want to look at the data. The other is json – a format that web applications can use – aimed at people who want to build new applications with the data.

The Civic Dashboard is still at a pre-alpha stage – with another stage of funding the front end would be more engaging for the general public who don’t want to play with data or build applications – and who still find the jargon of local government frequently opaque.

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