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Wend Prototype

WEND - From Middle English wenden, from Old English wendan (“to turn, direct, wend one's way, go, return, change, alter, vary, restore, happen, convert, translate”)

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Cold Sun

A game that uses real-time weather to effect game play.

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Playguide is a way for grown-ups to understand how children use CBeebies, and help them tailor a child's development.

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Mission completion


Making your everyday commute playable.

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Digital Fiction Factory header image

Digital Fiction Factory

Working with TV writers and producers, we created two truly multiplatform Proof of Concept programmes for commissioners at Channel4 and CBBC.

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Perceptive Radio

Where Perceptive Media meets the Internet of Things.

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Photograph of Orchestrated Text running on-screem

Orchestrated Text

Orchestrated Text is where you enjoy pieces of classical music & read their stories as you listen.

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Photograph of the Articulate website on a monitor


Raising the profile of women speakers in the technology and the creative industries.

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Half the Sky

Half the Sky

Social impact mobile games.

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A woman holding a smartphone displaying the Food Hospital app

The Food Hospital

The biggest scientific studies into using food as medicine.

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A blue-tinted composition showing some Shakespeare characters masked inside speech bubbles

Such Tweet Sorrow

Shakespeare on Twitter by the professionals.

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A map of Birmingham, UK

Civic Dashboard

Searchable visualisition of a residents' contacts with their council.

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Stylistic photo of the Penrose Ravensbourne University building


A re-imagining of the university prospectus.

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A neon halo light half way up a column statue in London


Digital accompaniments to a physical artwork exploring the runaway effects of climate change.

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Playful Audience


A one-day conference all about games, play, interaction, behaviour and everything with a playful edge.

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The 'This is Derbyshire Arts' website

Arts Derbyshire

Opening up East Midlands datasets and using them online.

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Bearpits and Landmines game graphics composite

Bearpits + Landmines

A Monty Pythonesque cycling game for iOS and the Web.

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A stylised photograph of a hooded girl using a smartphone

Derby [2061]

A Story told at locations around the city, found and read on your mobile.

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A multi-player game for a smartphone that is controlled by the player’s heart rate as they walk.

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