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Data is the backbone of successful connected projects and a key tool in developing smarter services.

Mudlark has harnessed public and private datasets to power a city-wide game, to explore why people contact Birmingham Council and to quantify the effectiveness of different foods on people’s health.


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Playguide is a way for grown-ups to understand how children use CBeebies, and help them tailor a child's development.

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A woman holding a smartphone displaying the Food Hospital app

The Food Hospital

The biggest scientific studies into using food as medicine.

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A map of Birmingham, UK

Civic Dashboard

Searchable visualisition of a residents' contacts with their council.

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A neon halo light half way up a column statue in London


Digital accompaniments to a physical artwork exploring the runaway effects of climate change.

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The 'This is Derbyshire Arts' website

Arts Derbyshire

Opening up East Midlands datasets and using them online.

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