Just reading Peter Bazalgette’s piece in Media Guardian about how to help the TV industry struggle on. I don’t know if it was  Peter or a Grauniad sub who titled it “Thinking Inside The Box”, but the phrase is both accurate and dispiriting.

Baz stays resolutely inside the box of the tighter TV world, with his only nod to other, newer media being the suggestion that iPlayer opens up to all.

The other gesture is not really a nod — more a sneer: “The BBC and C4 need to put an even larger proportion of their income directly into programmes and over the next two years close some of their more peripheral activities in favour of production.”

I wonder what he could possibly mean by “more peripheral activities”? And this the man who was chairing one of Broadcast’s cross-platform media jollies in Manchester last November?

If the BBC’s online stuff and Channel 4 Education’s move off trad telly are “peripheral” to TV, then TV certainly has lost the plot.  I do meet lots of old TV chums and contacts who are still surprisingly scared of cross-platform actitivity, not recognising that it’s just another way of  having fun, communicating  a bit and learning the odd bit of stuff.

It should sit so happily with telly, as well as saving the old dear.

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