Mudlark has been in a transitional period these past few months with Charles stepping up as MD and the company moving to a new base in the city of Sheffield. These changes brought in a refocus on what we do, what we offer and how we communicate that through our identity.

I thought I’d write a short blog post touching on points of our journey developing the new Mudlark look. I’ll follow this up with a post covering our approach to the design and development of our new website.

Letting go of the past

Whilst we used the main tagline of ‘making life playable’, our old website confused communications by using a number of other taglines.

“Mudlark is a cross-platform production company. A partnership between a games company, a TV company and a web company.”

“Mudlark deliver commissions, campaigns and applications.”

“Mudlark produce mobile phone games, ARGs, virtual world experiences, television programmes, digital arts adventures and social network narratives.”

“Mudlark work across platforms, online, offline, real world, virtual world, imaginary worlds and simulations.”

“Mudlark develop original IP value in formats, processes and designs as we tell stories and play games.”

A reminder of the old Mudlark website.

A new direction

After many internal discussions we agreed on a set of qualities which formed the basis of a loose brief. These qualities are; dynamic, playfulness, movement, connectedness, cross-platform, forward-thinking, but most of all: clean, clear and concise.

Some rejected logos.

After exhausting some avenues—including an attempt to breathe life into the old orange Mudlark with a bird-inspired Batman-reminiscent motif—I decided to go back to the drawing board, back to basics and keep it simple.

Mudlark Birdie. The chest and wings form an ‘M’.

The letter M of Mudlark in its simplest form can be created by overlaying two triangles. From this geometric starting point I began to flesh out a new mark. The underlying idea seemed to feel right — it was starting to satisfy our earlier notions of how we want to be seen as a company; connectedness, dynamic, cross-platform.

Early iterations were quite flat, not punchy enough. I started introducing combinations of perspective and experimenting with different line weights.

The evolution of the Mudlark triangles.

What we like about the identity

  • Some people don’t see the ‘M’ right away, and so when they do there is the delight of discovery.
  • The mark is simple and works at smaller size and for social network avatars, etc—important for a digital-centric company.
  • The clean, unfussy lines create a sharp, modern look: we know about the future of products, ideas, etc. and execute without fuss.
  • The soft corners and perspective create a sense of movement: we’re an agile company that can adapt quickly.

Mudlark logo as seen on TV, end credit screen for recent Mudlark documentary.


Mudlark logo used as an avatar.


Mudlark document covers featuring the logo and change in colour scheme based on the service.

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Congrats on the move to Yorks and the new image. Looks great.

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