Tea Wars is a game for the office – a fun and fast-paced multiplayer game to settle the eternal debate about whose turn it is to make the tea.

Tea Wars cards, new for 2014.

We designed the game in 2009, when one of our number always said “Yes please” when offered a cuppa, but was never the one to offer. Hence, rather than ask everyone in the room if they want a cup of tea, we now ask them if they want one enough to fight for it.

It’s like Noughts & Crosses meets Battleships, and we’ve play-tested it many thousands of times over the years. And it still works! It gets everyone emotionally invested in the click of the kettle. It fills the office with banter and strategy. It levels the playing field when it comes to kitchen manners.

Each player picks a square, then take it in turns to try and ‘bomb’ other people by naming a square they think someone else is on, e.g “C2!”. Whoever gets bombed first, makes the tea. Boom!

This is how James plays, marking where the others ‘bomb’ to notice patterns.

To celebrate the game’s staying power in our daily lives, we’ve published a set of limited edition Tea Wars card decks so you can experience it too.

In each pack are 50 ‘grid cards’ with which to play (one card per player, good for up to six games). These double up as ‘order cards’ so that the loser can accurately fulfill everyone’s hot drink desires. There are some handy instructions for new players, too.

Pen not included.

If you’d like the chance to bring the battle to your place of work (with a free deck of Tea Wars Cards), tweet us @wearemudlark (including the hashtag #teawars) to tell us how you feel persecuted by the drink orders of your colleagues, housemates, family or friends.

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