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Designing Cold Sun

An exploration into a strange future; narrative, weather and consciousness.

Cold Sun is a dual-mode adventure game that is affected by real-time weather. In the game you flip between your Existence which is set in the future, and your Dream world which is a one-touch platform game where you must navigate a magnified environment—generated by the real weather data. Matt describes the state of this research project so far.

Some themes we explored for this stage one prototype included:

· Coils. Mortal coils, electric coils, etc.
· Circles as a general theme. Sun, timers, time running out, the globe.
· Colours and it’s variation in weather patterns.
· Dreaminess. Blurry. Disorientation, spirals.

After poring over images we pulled together using Pinterest (a really useful collaborative moodboarding tool we love to use) we started to generate some of our own visuals.

Spiral experimentations.

Wind denotations.

A cold sun.

We then started to explore how using these visual ideas could work as a title for the game.

A playful option for Cold Sun.

Cold Sun using ‘weather front’ sign.

We arrived at a really atmospheric graphic that we could use for a title screen, some Dream mode disorientating circular gameplay, and more.

Final Cold Sun title screen.

Dream mode gameplay.

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Wild Weather – Drought, Rain and Mud

Mudlark works with broadcasters a lot – on multiplatform companion apps, digital R&D projects and interactive experiences – but 2012 saw our first proper TV production hit the screens.

Presenter Kaye Forster on location.

A Year of Wild Weather in the East Midlands — our documentary about the experiences and effects of deeply unseasonal weather on people, crops and businesses in the East Midlands — was transmitted on BBC One on 30th December.

Masterminded by director-producer Rob Whitehouse and cameraman-editor Mark Turnbull with Executive Producer Charles Hunter, the film can be found on until 6th January, complete with hailstones the size of golfballs, disenchanted anglers and one very soggy dairy farm.