It”s but one week until this year”s , and all the arrangements are coming together. It”s going to be a great day filled with talks from a wide variety of fields from gaming to doodling to science fiction writing.

The one consistent strand is THE FUTURE – what is it? when will it get here?

We”ve got sci-fi author Pat Cadigan; app-maker Chief Wonka from Us Two; BBC Information Architect, Paul Rissen; Game Designer, Richard LeMarchand; Booming”s crazy social media provocateur, Marcus Brown; a doctor, a designer, more writers, and a load of illustrators.

The illustrators will be battling it out, doodling for their lives against each other in Sketch Tennis – our Overhead Projector and marker-pen inspired take in Coudal”s Layer Tennis.

We”ve also got a , selling the finest high-quality imported pencils, sharpeners and notebooks from the foyer of Conway Hall, where the conference is held.

The Playful 2011 Programme App
The Playful 2011 Programme App

Last year we printed a Newspaper Programme via Newspaper Club. This year we”re going digital and have made a for use on the day. There”s the programme, the shop, and speaker bios all navigable in a native-app like way, but without the rigmarole of app stores. This way we can keep everyone up to date with any last minute changes by updating the app live.

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