Last month day we were at the BBC Learning Unplugged Pervasive Media Lab Day in Bristol. The (slightly scary but very effective) frontman Ed Mitchell gives a good report here from a facilitator’s perspective. We nicked his photo too.

Spot the Mudlark (clue: green in the greenery)

Spot the Mudlark (clue: green in the greenery).

We pitched one of the ten ideas that got random-workshopped by other attendees and then speed-considered by the BBC army who were there. “Namester” won two champions in BBC Learning and we are now sorting out a more formal pitch.

Microtopynomy is the word- the names of small  places—fields, parts of forests, street corners, alleys, paths. These names hardly ever occur on maps and are just as rare on the Internet too. But they have been very useful to the people who used them and if unearthed they can be resonant and indeed useful again. Learning Unplugged folk saw the potential for local/oral history projects and also for a verbal mapping system that lets you tell a taxi driver which field to pick you up from after a countryside rave…

Watch this small place…

People seem to be listening to the man in green.

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