We are very excited to announce that we’ve moved to Sheffield. A city with a long history of creativity, industry, digital culture and independent spirit. It’s a city with a personality and warmth.

For the last three years, we have been based in an old Victorian mill in Derby. It was a wonderful place — where we dreamt up Such Tweet Sorrow, Chromaroma, Derby 2061 and many other gems — but the time has come to move on, to get out of the romance.

So, farewell old mill. Farewell to your blazing summer sun and your blue-fingered winters. Farewell to your leaking roof and the smell of hops from the brewery below. Farewell to the dojo, upholsterers and men who make tiny things for airplanes. Farewell to Derby.

Hello, then, to our lovely new base in Sheffield. Hello to the Site Gallery, where Mudlark now nests. Hello to Other People To Talk To, hello to Andrew Motion’s poetry, hello to shimmering silver balls. Hello to a new lease of life.

Hello to you, particularly.

And if you’re in town, drop in and we’ll say hello to you. We’re here to meet people and businesses with different ideas, fresh approaches, new horizons — and hopefully bring a bit of Mudlark to the city. We are always around, pop in and say hello.

See you soon,
Mudlark of Sheffield.

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