Social media falls on the assumption that it must virtualise people’s social skills.

Social games should feed things to people that they can be social about.

Bobby Johnson: Social media is bullshit. People talk about things. The end.

We’re becoming well practiced at enabling conversations with technological platforms. The technologies are maturing faster than things can become buzzwords and retire to wonk/pitch land.

The approaches to “social media” vary greatly. Facebook is all about owning your social graph[citation needed]. Twitter is all about doing one thing really well and allowing other services to fill in around it. Acquisitions are rare ( the only one so far?).

People will always talk about things. Not all things that are both technological and social are “social media”; that’s just a buzzword that currently gives investors a hard on. “Social networking” seems to have all but retired. Social games are not necessarily social media. All games are social in some respect. Not all games that rely on the internet are necessarily social media. Many things referred to as “social games” are in fact highly asocial experiences taking place on siloed social networking sites with a token gesture to social networking. Not socialisation. Socialisation and social networking are not the same things.