We publicly launched Mudlark on Friday 22nd May 2009 by hosting Post Digital – a day of talking about how digital things and actions manifest in the physical world – at our home at Fazeley Studios in Birmingham.

Since Mudlark takes its name from a bird, we gave everyone a box of bird seed to take home and put on bird tables/window boxes/children’s shoulders. We want to share this with everyone, so we made a little game (basically by adding the point system below to something completely normal and uncompetitive) to encourage these digital folk to do what we want.

Mudlark bird.


  • Spread your bird seed far and wide, and watch our winged friends flock to you.
  • Grab your camera and photograph the different species you attract.
  • Upload your photographs to Flickr and tag with mudlarkFTB
  • Geotag the photos where you took them.


  • Different birds score different points (see below)
  • Photograph as many different species as you can to rack up a high score.
  • Snap birds eating out of your hand for multipliers.
  • Track down and snap a mudlark for massive props and bonus points.