We have been discussing how so many social media products seem to get things wrong, which pushed me to write some things down;

The ‘handful’ of things that make for a good piece of social media in my view are, initially (and most overtly 2.0):

  • conversation,
  • commentary,
  • and collaboration.

The aspects and products of these three C’s are asynchronous communication – the non-reliance on someone needing to ‘be there’ (both temporally as well as geographically) to be part of a conversation.

The second product is ambient intimacy.

Lisa Reichelt coined the term to describe Twitter, but it applies to more tools than that. It’s the feeling that, although you’re not there or not interacting or fully engaged, you’re aware of something that’s going on. This could be a conference you couldn’t get the day off work to go to, your friend’s Flickr uploads, what they’re listening to, or what they had on their toast four hours ago.

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